We offer 2-3 intern positions every year, each lasting for 12 months with a 6 month overlap between start times. This allows time for each intern to settle in and learn the ropes with the help of their more senior colleague. At Lisadell, the interns play a central role within the hospital having primary responsibility for the care of in-patients and performing anaesthesia for surgeries. The internships are suited to enthusiastic new or recent graduates seeking to build a solid foundation for a career in Equine Practice. 

In contrast to many hospital internships, we offer training in reproduction including ultrasound, artificial insemination and other reproductive procedures. Interns also assist with the first opinion 

Almost all of our past interns are now working in Equine practice however some have gone on to achieve further specialisation through residency programmes. We have past interns who are now board-certified Equine Surgical, Internal Medicine and Reproduction specialists.

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If you think you might be interested in an internship at Lisadell it is of great benefit to visit us for an externship to get to know the hospital and what an internship entails. We welcome all applicants however and positions arise roughly every 6 months so feel free to contact us with your CV and Covering Letter at any time or get in touch for more information.