Patient Hospitalisation & Medical care

Our hospitalisation facilities

We offer extensive hospitalisation facilities for the care of surgical patients pre and post-operatively as well as for medical cases, horses with wounds, injuries and mares boarding for AI. Our dedicated team is equipped to offer round-the clock care for your horses, no matter what the problem

Hospitalisation of sick foals

Neonatal care is one of our specialities at Lisadell. We can accept:
  • Dummy foals
  • Diarrhoea
  • Pneumonia
  • Sepsis
  • Intensive care

Medical cases and sick horses

We are equipped for the investigation and medical management of cases including medical colics (impactions), respiratory conditions, eye problems, neurological conditions as well as investigation of weight loss and other abnormalities

Isolation and intensive care

We offer facilities for intensive care of sick horses as well as isolation facilities for infectious cases such as diarrhoea / colitis and cases of fever or respiratory disease.

  • Administration of medications via nebuliser
  • Infusion of fluids for treatment of impaction
    Medical colic Infusion of fluids for treatment of impaction