Surgical Services

Specialist Surgical services at Lisadell

We offer a range of elective and emergency surgical procedures, all performed by a board-certified specialist Equine Surgeon

Our In-house Surgeon Siobhan McQuillan is a member of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons (ECVS) and is a recognised specialist in Large Animal and Equine Surgery. We are also attended regularly by visiting Specialist Surgeons Mr. Warren Schofield and Mr. Geoff Lane. 

We perform a wide range of routine and emergency surgeries including:

  • Respiratory surgeries - Hobday, Tie Forward and Tie Back procedures, Soft Palate Cautery, LASER surgeries via endoscopy. We specialise in wind surgeries carrying out hundreds of operations per year and can also offer On-Board endoscopy for accurate diagnosis of your horses problems.
  • Arthroscopy - Chip removals from joints are another commonly performed procedure, this is routinely performed by arthroscopy ensuring the optimum cosmetic and functional result for your horse.
  • Dental and sinus procedures - sinoscopy and sinus lavage, frontonasal flaps, diastema widening, tooth extractions.
  • Wound repair - Versajet debridement allowing both primary and delayed primary closures.
  • Castration - cosmetic, closed and routine castrations.
  • Sarcoid removal using the diode LASER.
  • Laparoscopic surgery - removal of ovarian tumours, abdominal cryptorchids (Rig), closure of the nephrosplenic space and epiploic foramen post colic, closure of the inguinal ring in stallions post herniation, imbrication of the broad ligament and ovarian deposition of PGE gel in problem breeder mares
  • Wide range of orthopaedic surgeries
    • Arthroscopy/Tenoscopy - routine and emergency procedures
    • Angular limb deformity assessment and treatment 
    • Fracture fixation - plate and screw fixations as required
    • Kissing spine surgery - dorsal spinous resection and interspinous ligament desmotomy

When you bring your horse to Lisadell, you know it will be in safe hands being treated by a Board-Certified Specialist Equine surgeon

Common surgeries & further information

Sarcoid removal & Alternative treatments

LASER sarcoid removal is one of our most frequently requested surgeries. Click above to learn more about the surgery and aftercare. 

Dental & Sinus Surgery

Our in house Specialist Surgeon Siobhan McQuillan has undertaken extensive additional training in dental and sinus surgical procedures and we are one of only a few centres in Ireland to offer minimally invasive dental extractions. 

Arthroscopy & chip removal

OCD lesions or "chips" in joints are incredibly common in young performance horses. Our specialist surgeons have extensive experience in arthroscopic or "keyhole" surgery on such lesions. 

  • Foal with parrot mouth
  • Kissing Spines