Noeleen Kavanagh Retirement December 2019

It is a bittersweet week for the team here at Lisadell Equine Hospital. After 47 years of dedicated service, our longest-serving member of staff Noeleen Kavanagh will be celebrating her retirement on Thursday 19th December 2019. It will be hard to imagine the practice without Noeleen, who first joined the late Joe Clarke in Dunderry in 1972 and saw it grow under Peter Gibbons who, along with Liam Sharp, established Lisadell Equine Hospital at its current site in 2004. In that time, she has supported the development of a 2-vet mixed practice to the Equine Specialist facility of 17 staff that it is today.


Deirdre Sheridan, Peter Gibbons and Noeleen Kavanagh


 The last Christmas party as Clarke and Gibbons

While she might be able to count on one hand the number of times she has actually touched a horse, Noeleen has become an encyclopaedia of Equine Veterinary Medicine, from sales and export requirements to the types of wind surgeries or nerve blocks performed, she knows from any phonecall the urgency or significance of our clients needs, and how best to help them. She can direct new vets to almost any premises in the practice- as long as they start their journey in Dunderry!!!!

Noeleen at her desk during the first week at Lisadell Equine Hospital (2004).......


...... And on her second last day! Not much has changed!!!! (2019)

We are sure many of our clients will join us in wishing Noeleen all the best on her retirement and in thanking her for the many years of hard work, dedication and happy memories she has helped us create. Noeleen has been more than just part of this business, over the years, she has been a great mentor and friend to the Clarke, Gibbons and Sharp families, and to many of the staff and clients, past and present, who make Lisadell Equine hospital the place it is today. She has become part of the lives of many of the people and families associated with the practice, and navigated many of life’s highs and lows with us, for that we are so grateful and hope she will continue to be a big part of our lives throughout her retirement.


We hope many of our friends and clients will join us for a party to celebrate Noeleen’s fantastic achievement in the New Year, more details to follow.


Finally, for constantly reminding us all that we are never too old or too experienced to learn something new…….

-Everyday’s a learning day!!!

Lynda Gibbons, Karen Dunne and Noeleen Kavanagh
The team on the first day in the newly build Lisadell Equine Hospital

Dunderry Stud, where it all started.......