Equine Flu outbreak in Ireland

There have recently been a number of confirmed cases of Equine Influenza in premises across Ireland. These outbreaks have affected establishments housing breeding stock, racehorses and competition horses and appear to be linked to outbreaks across Europe. Signs can occur in both vaccinated and unvaccinated horses, however those not vaccinated are more severely affected.

Signs of flu include coughing, nasal discharge, high temperatures and swollen glands. Testing is being provided free of charge through the Irish Equine Centre and we strongly recommend that any horses displaying suspicious clinical signs be tested immediately.

In order to boost immunity in the face of this outbreak, it is advised that all horses not vaccinated in the last 6 months receive a booster vaccine. The vaccine used by us in Lisadell contains a strain appropriate for protecting horses against that which has been identified in this outbreak.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us or see attached link to the alert published by the Irish Equine Centre.