2024 Terms & Conditions

Please find details of our AI and Reproduction services

Frozen / Chilled Semen Packages

We specialise in Frozen semen insemination as part of our assisted reproduction services at Lisadell. Mares must be boarded at the hospital to facilitate scanning every 2-6 hours to ensure accurate timing of insemination. 

2024 prices (including VAT):
Frozen Semen 1st cycle €360
Frozen Semen return cycle €300

Chilled insemination services can be offered on-farm but for your convenience we offer a package for mares boarded at the hospital which allows semen to be delivered to us from anywhere in the world and inseminated directly into your mare. 

Chilled Semen per cycle €220

Embryo Transfer & Assisted Reproduction

Please contact us to discuss further if you are interested in any of these services

Included in the AI packages
  • Up to 4 days keep in paddock / all weather turnout. Stabling subject to availability & a surplus cost
  • Reproductive health assessment & cervical swab
  • All scanning required for timed insemination - at least 4 times daily but up to every 2 hours close to ovulation
  • Ovulating hormone & post-insemination treatments (lavage / oxytocin etc)
  • Deep uterine insemination as standard

Extras not included in packages

  • Keep in a grass paddock / all weather beyond 4 nights : €20 per night
  • Stabling during AI package : €25 per night (subject to availability)
  • Mares must be in season when they arrive at the hospital, any keep charges incurred, veterinary work performed or medications administered on mares who are not in season will be charged separately to the package fees. 
  • Treatment of dirty mares : the cost of lavage and antibiotic treatment are not included in the package and will be discussed on a case basis. Dirty mares are not suitable for insemination and will need to return for AI on the next cycle. 
  • Caslicks : if your mare needs to be stitched it should be done after foaling or at the start of the season, otherwise her fertility may be dramatically reduced. Minor stitching or repairs are included in the packages but we STRONGLY advise having your mare stitched prior to the cycle on which she is inseminated. Major repairs and full caslicks are not included within the packages and will be charged separately . 
  • Management of problem mares which require aggressive or specialised treatments may incur extra costs which will be discussed with you. 
  • Any non-reproductive treatments or sedation the mare may require during her stay : should these be required we will endeavour to discuss the costs with you prior to treatment being administered.
  • Any treatments required for foals at foot including markings, microchip, treatment of illness etc. 
    Mares are fed hay and hard feed (stud cubes/ mix) twice daily. Should your mare or foal require any additional care please advise us in advance of the mare arriving to the hospital. 

Terms & Conditions

Reproduction packages Terms
  1. All mares must be in season on admission to the hospital unless by prior agreement. We reserve the right to turn away mares who are not in season due to limited availability of space for boarding mares. 
  2. All work carried out outside of the mare packages will be subject to additional charges which are payable in full by the owner. We will endeavour to keep these to a minimum while ensuring your mare gets the best treatment possible, every effort will be made to discuss any extra charges with you in advance. 
  3. Should any illness or injury occur in your animal while under our care you will be liable for any resulting treatments or procedures required. We will make every effort to discuss these with you in advance however, should we be unable to contact you in an emergency we will administer any necessary treatments to ensure the welfare of your horse until you can be contacted, the costs of such treatment will be payable by the owner.
  4. Reproductive scanning of mares carries a small risk of rectal tears, while very uncommon, these injuries can be life-threatening. Your mare will always be scanned by a Veterinary Surgeon with appropriate training and we will endeavour to always minimise the risk of injury to your mare. By presenting your animal to our hospital you are accepting this risk and any treatment costs associated with such injuries are payable by the owner. We reserve the right to use sedation where we feel the safety of your mare or our staff may be compromised and you shall be liable for any extra costs incurred. 
  5. We may recommend that your mare have her vulva stitched (caslicks) and will do so unless expressly requested otherwise by yourself. Mares that have been stitched must be opened prior to foaling, we cannot accept any responsibility for injuries incurred should you fail to have the mare opened appropriately. 
  6. We cannot accept responsibility for any losses or expenses incurred due to a failure of semen delivery or any other event outside of our control. 
  7. Should your mare be deemed unsuitable for cover for any reason (ie. abnormal cyclicity, uterine infection etc.) you will be required to pay fees usually amounting to a proportion of the full package to reflect the time, services and medications administered up to that point. Additional treatments to treat uterine infections etc are priced separately and the costs of these can be discussed with you on request. 
  8. We are a Veterinary Hospital, not a stud farm, as such our facilities are not suitable for long-term boarding of mares, especially those with foals at foot. We cannot take responsibility for any illness or injury which occurs in any animals while under our care.
General Terms
  1. All packages and fees are payable on collection of the mare. For new clients, we reserve the right to request payment on arrival of the mare at the hospital. 
  2. All of our fees are subject to VAT at the current rates, should you require an estimate for any services requested, please ask a member of our team. Due to the nature of Veterinary care, changes to estimates given may occur and we will endeavour to inform you of any such changes in advance wherever possible. By engaging the services of Lisadell Equine Hospital you are accepting our terms and conditions along with our fees. 
  3. We endeavour to always provide high quality, good value services to our clients and patients, should you have any queries or complaints regarding invoices or services please let a member of the team know immediately so that we can deal with your concerns. If you are still unhappy subsequently and wish to make a formal complaint this should be submitted in writing within 14 days. We will make every effort to make a substantial response within 14 days of receipt of such and will endeavour to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. Complaints made many months after the time of service or invoice cannot be thoroughly investigated and as such we encourage you to draw any issues to our attention promptly.  
Frozen Semen Terms
  1. As part of our services we can store frozen semen at the hospital for use in mares under our care. Deliveries of frozen semen should be arranged with a member of staff in advance and be made during normal working hours to ensure that there is no delay in transfer of semen into our storage tank. The container used for delivery must be suitable for use, we cannot take responsibility for semen damaged during transit and reserve the right to refuse semen which does not arrive in an appropriate condition.
  2. All semen arriving must be clearly labelled and presented with appropriate documentation indicating the semen details, origin and dose. International deliveries must be accompanied by the appropriate legal documentation & health certification or they will be returned / refused. 
  3. Frozen semen will be stored in the hospital in liquid nitrogen tanks overseen by a representative of Boland Cryo who are experienced in such work. All semen is stored at our discretion and we reserve the right to terminate storage of semen with 28 days notice to you. Long term storage of frozen semen is subject to a monthly charge +VAT at the current rate. 
  4. You may remove any semen in storage with us giving 7 days notice. The return of all semen is the responsibility of the mare owner or stallion representative.
  5. We cannot provide insurance for any semen in storage at our hospital.  The responsibility for insurance of your consignment while under our care remains yours as the client and owner of the semen. You can take out privately based insurance on the semen you have in storage at our practice or at the site agreed. For more details on how to insure your semen we suggest you contact your insurance provider. Any replacement costs and predicated loss of income as a result of loss of frozen semen must remain your responsibility as the owner of the semen.
  6. It is worth noting that system failure with frozen semen is very uncommon. However, it is also noteworthy that such failures are most often sudden and catastrophic e.g. a fire on the premises or a unit failure. When liquid nitrogen units fail they do so suddenly with minimal or no signs of deterioration.
  7. If you wish to have semen tested for concentration and motility at the time of insemination, please let us know in advance, ideally at the time of admission to the hospital. Semen testing can give an indication of fertility but is not a guarantee, this service is subject to an extra charge. 
  8. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that correct information regarding stallion information and semen doses is provided to us a the time of mare arrival or semen delivery. We cannot take responsibilities for any errors that occur due to inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the mare owner or stallion representative. 

BEVA Frozen Semen Storage Disclaimer