Reproductive Services

Reproductive Services

In addition to a comprehensive range of ambulatory stud services, our vets are experienced in the following range of reproductive services:

  • Mare (and foal) boarding for examinations and treatment: Stabled or pasture livery available
  • Chilled semen AI (including semen from Europe)
  • Frozen semen storage in fully serviced liquid nitrogen tank
  • Frozen semen insemination including deep uterine insemination as standard
  • In-house culture of cervical/endometrial swabs
  • Investigation and management of problem mares
  • Synchronisation of donor and recipient mares for embryo transfer

Frozen Semen Packages

We offer boarding of mares for the purposes of breeding with frozen semen. Your mare will be managed by a vet with expertise in assisted reproduction and a comprehensive package is available. 

Package includes:
  • Keep in an individual grass paddock while in season
  • Storage of straws until your mare is ready
  • Prebreeding examination and swabbing
  • Ultrasound every 4-6hours until ovulation
  • Deep uterine insemination as standard
  • Standard post-AI lavage and treatment